About Us

The Roots:

The name, Mojitos, only starts to tell this unique restaurant’s story. A Mojito is the traditional Cuban highball cocktail. The classic recipe calls for five ingredients: rum, sugar, lime juice, soda and mint leaves.

Of course, Mojitos takes its classic, namesake drink to the next level. While the traditional mojito remains a favorite, Mojitos mixologists have developed a range of cocktails that showcase the traditional drink with a dash of contemporary creativity. Whether it’s a traditional Mojito, Mojito Razz, Mojito Cosmo or any other of the other specialty Mojitos, we know you’ll love them.

The restaurant has a similar recipe for success. Like the traditional and specialty Mojito drinks, the restaurant prides itself in serving traditional Cuban cuisine with generous portions, an artisan chef’s touch and a dash of modern culinary style – a fusion that must be experienced.

In addition to the exceptional food and drinks, Mojitos also has a tradition that no other Cuban restaurant can claim –  the festive, fun, lively ambiance that includes live Cuban music and dancing four nights a week.

It’s Origins:

The Salman family, seasoned restauranteurs, has owned and actively run several restaurants since the 80s. One of them, Latin American Cafeteria at the Bayside Marketplace, serves traditional Cuban food. While working at the restaurant one day, it dawned on them – most of the Cuban restaurants in Miami are very similar.

They have the typical Cuban dishes on the menu that Miamians and tourists love, and offer a lot of bang for the buck. There are many positives, but the restaurants didn’t go beyond tasty food, big portions, a friendly and loud ambiance and, of course, the window where patrons don’t even have to go inside to enjoy their “cafecito” and perhaps another traditional treat.  The family realized that there was potential for a lot more.

In 2001 Mojitos’ doors opened at the relatively-new Dolphin Mall. Mojitos was an instant hit!  The beautiful décor brought the crowds in, the lively music and dancing kept them there and the fantastic food kept them coming back.

But there was still more to be done. In July of 2016, Mojitos opened the doors of its new home in the Westchester area of Miami. Located on famous Calle Ocho (8th Street), the new location is an impressive blue building that you can’t miss. The free-standing building is more in line with the beautiful Spanish style architectural accents and the beautiful interior décor that is second to none.

The Food:

The foundation of Mojitos’ menu is high-quality, traditional Cuban cuisine that uses only the freshest ingredients. Added to this foundation are customized, elegant, contemporary touches and Miami flair that make the tasty drinks, appetizers, dishes and desserts the new standard of modern Cuban cuisine. Our staff of classically-trained chefs and experienced mixologists have a knack for making the delicious drinks, appetizers and dishes look as good as they taste.

Go ahead and try the traditional Mojito highball cocktail or one of 15 specialty Mojitos. Have one of the delicious appetizers along with your cocktail; Pork maybe one of our signature dishes like Vaca Frita served on a bed of Tostones (Plantains), Chunks “Mojiyaki” (pork chunks with sweet Teriyaki sauce) or turn up the heat by ordering Chicken Strips doused with Honey Mustard sauce, cilantro sauce and hot sauce. If you’re with a group, give the delicious “Bandeja Mojitos” sampler a shot!

Now comes the challenging part – choosing your main course from the extensive menu. Are you in the mood for beef, chicken, seafood? Do you want traditional Cuban or Cuban with a twist? There’s plenty to choose from! You can even order a large family-style platter, the “Parrillada Mar y Tierra” and experience some of everything! There are also daily specials to choose from! You will not be disappointed regardless of what you choose.

Please save room for dessert. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out on traditional favorites such as Guava Shells and Cream Cheese, fusion favorites such as “Tres Leches” that defies description or even Lava Cake if you prefer. And lastly, you’ve got to finish your meal with traditional Cuban coffee, or “Cafecito” as it is affectionately called, to make your meal complete.

The Wow:

Wow! That’s typically the reaction even before you enter through the oversized double doors. The blue façade and beautiful, lively outdoor terrace catch the eye immediately. Step inside and you’re immediately captivated by the fine Cuban art pieces that line the interior throughout, and unique, lively ambiance.

Drink. Dine. Dance. That’s our motto.

You can visit Mojitos for a social or business lunch in an ambiance that is ideal for both, and you’ll have the menu that includes lunch specials.

Mojitos and more start to flow at happy hour, which starts at 4:00 and goes until 7:00 Monday through Friday. Just come right up to the elegant, cozy bar and order a drink and appetizer, each starting at only 4.95! Have some appetizers too and stick around to have a delicious dinner and more.

If you’re at Mojitos on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday night, be sure to wear your dancing shoes! There is live entertainment from the early evening until closing. And get ready, at 10:00 PM Mojitos turns into a Cuban Cabaret with dozens on the dance floor showing off their best salsa moves. Even if you’re not a dancer, it’s so much fun just to watch!

But the “wow” doesn’t stop there. Mojitos periodically, on Wednesdays, hosts events featuring Cuban entertainers. The events have become a huge hit and are almost always sold out. Experience a piece of Cuban culture on Cultural Wednesdays!